BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board 32Bit Control TMC2208 vs SKR V1.4 Ramps 1.4 E3 DIP For Ender 3 TMC2209 - Ultimate 3D Printer Parts Comparison


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BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board 32Bit Control TMC2208 vs SKR V1.4 Ramps 1.4 E3 DIP For Ender 3 TMC2209 - Ultimate 3D Printer Parts Comparison

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The BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board is a top-of-the-line motherboard designed for 3D printers. With its 32-bit control and TMC2208 motor drivers, this board offers exceptional performance and precision. This product is a great alternative to the SKR V1.4 Ramps 1.4 E3 DIP for Ender 3 TMC2209, offering all the features you need for a smooth printing experience.

Designed by BIQU, a trusted brand in the 3D printing industry, the BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board is a reliable choice for any 3D printer enthusiast. It is compatible with various firmware options including Smootheieware and Marlin 2.0, offering flexibility and customization for your printing needs.

The board is powered by an ARM cortex-M3 CPU, ensuring fast and efficient processing power. It operates on a wide input voltage range of DC12V-DC24V and supports a current of 5A-15A, making it suitable for a variety of 3D printer setups.

One of the standout features of this motherboard is its support for various stepper motor drivers including TMC2208, TMC2130, TMC2100, ST820, LV8729, DRV8825, and A4988. This allows you to choose the motor driver that best suits your needs and preferences.

The BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board also offers excellent compatibility with different display options. It supports 2004 LCD, 12864 LCD, TFT35, and TFT28 Touch Screen, giving you flexibility in choosing the display that fits your preference and provides the best user experience.

With its TMC2130SPI and TMC2208UART driver working modes support, this motherboard ensures smooth and precise motor control. It also features a re-extendable interface for X, Y, Z, E0, and E1 motor drives, allowing for easy connection and expansion.

In terms of temperature control, the board offers TH0, TH1, and TB interfaces for 3-channel 100K NTC temperature sensors. This allows for accurate temperature readings and precise control over your printer's extruder and heated bed.

The BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board comes with a square USB PC communication interface, making it easy to connect to your computer. It has a communication baud rate of 115200, ensuring reliable and fast data transfer.

This motherboard supports g-code file format, the industry standard for 3D printing, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of slicing software such as Cura, Simplify3D, Pronterface, Repetier-host, and Makerware.

Whether you have an XYZ, Delta, Kossel, Ultimaker, or Corexy printer architecture, this board supports them all, making it a versatile choice for different printer types.

Overall, the BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board is a powerful and feature-rich motherboard that offers excellent performance and versatility. With its compatibility, expandability, and reliability, it is a great choice for any 3D printer enthusiast looking to upgrade their printer's control system. Replace your old MKS GEN V1.4, MKS GEN L, Ramps 1.4, Ramps 1.5, or 1.6 board with the BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board and elevate your 3D printing experience to new heights.

Product Detail

Brand Name BIQU
Item Type Motherboard
Model Number BIGTREETRECH SKR V1.3 3D Printer Board
Product Name 32-Bit SKR V1.3 Motherboard
Support Firmware Smootheieware/Marlin2.0
Microprocessor ARM cortex-M3 CPU
Input voltage DC12V-DC24V
Input current 5A-15A
Support Stepper Motor Driver TMC2208/TMC2130/TMC2100/ST820/LV8729/DRV8825/A4988
Support 2004 LCD/12864 LCD/TFT35/TFT28 Touch Screen
Driver working mode support TMC2130SPI, TMC2208UART
Motor drive interface X, Y, Z, E0, E1, five (each has a reextendable interface)
Temperature sensor interface TH0, TH1, TB, 3 channel 100K NTC (thermal resistance)
PC communication interface square USB, easy to plug, communication baud rate of 115200
Support file format g-code
Supported machine architecture XYZ, Delta, Kossel, Ultimaker, Corexy
Recommended software Cura, Simplify3D, pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware
Usage 3D Printer Board
TMC2208 Version V3.0
TMC2130 Version V3.0
Master Chip LPC1768 & 32 Bit
Support Auto Bed Leveling Sensor BLTouch Sensor
Board can replace MKS GEN V1.4/MKS GEN L/Ramps 1.4/Ramps 1.5/1.6

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