Detachable Cigarette Case with Lighter - Portable Metal Cigarette Holder Case with USB Electronic Torch Jet Lighters


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Detachable Cigarette Case with Lighter - Portable Metal Cigarette Holder Case with USB Electronic Torch Jet Lighters

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The Detachable Cigarette Case With Lighter is a convenient and portable accessory for smokers. Made from high-quality metal, this cigarette holder case is not only durable but also stylish. The lacquer technics used on the case adds a touch of elegance. With its compact design, it easily fits into pockets or bags, making it a must-have for smokers on the go.

The FOCUS Detachable Cigarette Case With Lighter, model number FCS062, offers a unique and practical solution for smokers. The cigarette case doubles as a lighter, providing a comprehensive smoking experience. This 2-in-1 design eliminates the need to carry a separate lighter, ensuring convenience and practicality.

One of the standout features of this product is its USB rechargeable lighter. No more hassle of replacing lighter fluid or worrying about running out of fuel. With the USB capability, you can easily recharge the lighter using any USB port, making it incredibly convenient and cost-effective. The flameless and windproof design ensures that you can light your cigarette even in adverse weather conditions, without worrying about the flame being extinguished.

With its removable and detachable design, the cigarette case and lighter can be separated, providing added flexibility. You can choose to carry the cigarette case alone or use the lighter separately when needed. This modular design allows for easy cleaning, maintenance, and customization.

The FOCUS Detachable Cigarette Case With Lighter is known for its durability, functionality, and stylish appearance. The metal construction ensures it can withstand daily use, while the lacquer technics give it a sleek and polished look. This product is not only a practical accessory but also a fashion statement.

Overall, the Detachable Cigarette Case With Lighter offers smokers a convenient and versatile solution. With its USB rechargeable lighter, modular design, and stylish appearance, it is an essential accessory for smokers who value functionality and style.

Product Detail

Brand Name FOCUS
Material Metal
Technics Lacquer
Model Number FCS062
Model Type Cigarette Case With Lighter
Lighter Type USB Rechargeable Lighter
Function Usb rechargeable ,Flameless ,Windproof , Removable
Features Modular Design
Speciality Detachable Removable Lighter

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