Huion Kamvas GT-221 Pro Pen Tablet Monitor with 8192 Levels, IPS LCD HD Display and 21.5-inch Drawing Pen Display


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Huion Kamvas GT-221 Pro Pen Tablet Monitor with 8192 Levels, IPS LCD HD Display and 21.5-inch Drawing Pen Display

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The HUION KAMVAS GT-221 Pro is an advanced pen tablet monitor designed for digital artists and graphics designers. It features a high-quality IPS LCD HD display with a 21.5-inch screen size, making it easy to create and edit digital art with precision and detail.

With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the tablet allows you to draw, sketch, and paint with accuracy and control. It also comes with a PE330 digital pen that boasts a resolution of 5080LPI and a sensing height of 12 mm. With a report rate of 233PPS, the digital pen translates your every stroke and gesture with accuracy and precision.

The HUION KAMVAS GT-221 Pro also comes equipped with 20 customized press keys that allow you to customize your workflow and create shortcuts for your favorite functions. It has a touch bar for finger touch control and supports HDMI, DVI, and VGA video interfaces.

The tablet monitor measures 589 x 344 x 21mm and weighs 4.5 KG. It has an active area of 476.64 x 268.11mm, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a gamut of 72% NTSC. It supports 16.7M(8bit) display colors and comes with AG glass for added protection against scratches and damage.

The HUION KAMVAS GT-221 Pro is compatible with both Windows 7 or later and MacOS 10.11 or later, making it versatile and convenient for a wide variety of users. It also comes with a package that includes all the necessary cables and accessories, so you can start using it immediately upon arrival.

In summary, the HUION KAMVAS GT-221 Pro is a reliable and efficient pen tablet monitor that offers advanced features and customization options for digital artists and creators. It is a must-have tool for anyone looking to enhance their digital art and design skills.

Product Detail

Brand Name HUION
Pressure Levels 8192
Type Digital Tablets
Resolution Ratio 5080lpi
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Screen Size(diagonal) 21.5"
Package Yes
Tablet Width 344mm
Model Number GT-221 Pro
Tablet length 589 mm
Interface Type USB
Pen Technology Electromagnetic Resonance
Pen Resolution 5080LPI
Pressure Level 8192Levels
Sensing Height 12 mm
Report Rate 233PPS
Finger Touch Touch Bar
Video Interface HDMI, DVI, VGA
Press Keys 20 Customized Press Keys
OS Support Windows 7 or later, MacOS 10.11 or late
Net Weight 4.5 KG
Active Area 476.64 x 268.11mm
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Gamut 72% NTSC
Display Color 16.7M(8bit)
Digital Pen PE330
Dimension 589 x 344 x 21mm
AG Glass YES

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