VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet 6x4 Inch - Ultra-Thin OSU Drawing Tablet with Battery-Free Pen - 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity


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VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet 6x4 Inch - Ultra-Thin OSU Drawing Tablet with Battery-Free Pen - 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity

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The VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet is a high-performance digital tablet that offers a variety of features for artists and designers. With its ultra-thin design and compact size, this tablet is perfect for on-the-go use.

Featuring a 6 x 4 inch active area, the VEIKK S640 provides ample space for drawing and creating. The tablet has a resolution ratio of 5080lpi, ensuring precise and accurate pen input. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, artists can achieve varying line thickness and opacity for a more realistic and natural drawing experience.

The VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet comes with a battery-free pen, eliminating the need for charging or replacing batteries. This pen offers a comfortable grip and precise control, making it ideal for long drawing sessions. The tablet also has a reading height of 10mm, allowing for smooth and precise pen movements.

This tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, including Windows XP/Vista 10/8/7 and Mac. With a USB interface, users can easily connect the tablet to their computer and start creating artwork right away. The tablet has a report rate of 230 PPS, ensuring fast and responsive pen strokes.

With its CE/FCC/RoHS compliance, the VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet meets international safety and quality standards. The package includes the tablet, pen, and necessary cables for connectivity. The tablet weighs just 0.3kg, making it lightweight and portable.

Overall, the VEIKK S640 Graphic Tablet is a versatile and feature-packed device that is suitable for artists of all skill levels. Its compact size, high pressure sensitivity, and battery-free pen make it a great choice for digital drawing, sketching, and illustrating.

Product Detail

Brand Name VEIKK
Pressure Levels 8192
Type Digital Tablets
Resolution Ratio 5080lpi
Package Yes
Tablet Width 13
Model Number S640
Tablet length 21.7
Interface Type USB
Active area 6 x 4 inch
Report Rate 230 PPS
Reading Height 10 mm
OS Support Windows XP/Vista 10/8/7, Mac
Compliance CE/FCC/RoHS
Package(L*W*H) 23.5cm x 17cm x 31cm
Weight 0.3kg
Pen Battery-free passive

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