Children's Potty Training Seat - Portable Baby Potty for 6M to 8Y Boys and Girls - Ideal for Newborns, Nursery, and Kids' Toilet Training


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Children's Potty Training Seat - Portable Baby Potty for 6M to 8Y Boys and Girls - Ideal for Newborns, Nursery, and Kids' Toilet Training

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The 6M to 8Y Children's Potty is a portable baby potty training solution designed for both girls and boys. This potty is suitable for kids ranging from newborns up to 8 years old.

Made from high-quality plastic, this potty is durable and long-lasting. It features a secure and comfortable toilet seat, ensuring your child feels safe during their potty training journey.

With its solid pattern design, this potty is perfect for babies and toddlers who are ready to start potty training. The age range for this product is specified from 6 months to 8 years old.

This portable toilet serves as an excellent urinal for boys undergoing potty training. The innovative design of this potty teaches kids the proper way to use the toilet, making the transition easier for them.

Not just for boys, this potty is also a great option for girls. It provides a convenient and hygienic solution for toddlers and young children, helping them learn and adapt to using the toilet independently.

The child toilet seat is specially designed to be comfortable and easy to clean. It ensures that your child can use the toilet with ease and encourages their confidence and independence.

For added convenience, this potty also comes with a baby chair pad. This pad can be placed on the toilet seat to provide additional comfort and support for your child during their potty training process.

Whether you are at home or on the go, this portable potty is perfect for any situation. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and transport. You can take it with you when traveling, visiting family or friends, or even during outdoor activities.

In conclusion, the 6M to 8Y Children's Potty is a versatile and practical potty training solution for babies and young children. Its solid pattern design, comfortable seat, and portability make it an ideal choice for parents looking to assist their child's potty training journey.

Product Detail

Material Plastic
Model Number portable toilet
Age Range 10-12Y
Type Potties
Age Group Babies
Pattern Type Solid
Age 6M To 8Y
urinal for a boy potty training
for kids for babies
pot for children child toilet seat
pad on the toilet for children baby chair
nursery pots toilet portable toilet

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