220V 150W CN Plug Vacuum Pump for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration with Pressure Gauge Tube

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220V 150W CN Plug Vacuum Pump for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration with Pressure Gauge Tube

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The Vacuum Pump CN Plug 220V 150W is a powerful and efficient vacuum pump designed for a variety of applications including air conditioning and refrigeration systems. With its high-pressure capabilities and built-in pressure gauge tube, this vacuum pump ensures accurate and reliable operation.

Featuring a vortex pump structure, this vacuum pump is nonstandard in its design, making it a versatile choice for various industrial and commercial uses. It is ideal for both standard and nonstandard applications, guaranteeing efficient performance every time.

The Fdit Refrigerant Vacuum Pump is built with advanced technology and a reliable electric power source, ensuring consistent and powerful suction. Its model number is specifically designed for refrigerant vacuum applications, making it the perfect choice for air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance.

This vacuum pump is powered by gasoline, delivering the high-pressure output required for demanding applications. Its submersible design allows for easy installation and operation in a wide range of settings.

With the trusted brand name Fdit, you can rely on the quality and performance of this vacuum pump. Whether you need to evacuate air from an air conditioning system or remove refrigerant from a refrigerator, this vacuum pump is your ideal solution.

Invest in the Vacuum Pump CN Plug 220V 150W for efficient and reliable vacuum generation. Its powerful features, nonstandard design, and high-pressure capabilities make it an excellent choice for various applications. Choose Fdit for quality and performance in your vacuum pump needs.

Product Detail

Structure Vortex Pump
Usage Air Pump
Standard or Nonstandard Nonstandard
Theory Vacuum Pump
Model Number Refrigerant Vacuum Pump
Fuel Gasoline
Pressure High Pressure
Power Electric
Application Submersible
Brand Name Fdit

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