Safe Box Electromagnet Lock JF-S1670DL with Auto Reset Force 1KG for DC12V and DC24V


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Safe Box Electromagnet Lock JF-S1670DL with Auto Reset Force 1KG for DC12V and DC24V

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The Electromagnet Lock JF-S1670DL is a high-quality locking solution designed specifically for safe boxes. With its auto reset force of 1KG and compatibility with both DC12V and DC24V power sources, this magnet lock provides a reliable and secure locking mechanism.

Manufactured by CNMAWAY, a trusted brand in the industry, this electromagnet lock offers superior performance and durability. Originating from China (CN), this product adheres to the high standards set by its country of origin.

While not certified, this solenoid-type lock is widely used within various industrial applications. Its powerful magnet, coupled with the option for installation with holes, ensures a strong and reliable locking mechanism for safe boxes.

The magnet used in this lock is composed of ferrite magnet material, known for its excellent magnetic properties and wide range of applications. Its unique shape, classified as "other," ensures a compact and efficient design suitable for safe boxes.

The model number of this Electromagnet Lock is JF-S1670DL, allowing for easy identification and compatibility when ordering or replacing parts. With its optimized design and high-quality construction, this lock is a dependable choice for securing your valuable items in a safe box.

Product Detail

Brand Name CNMAWAY
Origin CN(Origin)
Certification NONE
Type Solenoid
Application Industrial Magnet
With Holes Yes
Composite Ferrite Magnet
Shape Other
Model Number JF-S1670DL

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