Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W221 S Class Backup Reverse Dynamic Rear View Camera - Waterproof Night Vision HD CCD, 160 Degree


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Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W221 S Class Backup Reverse Dynamic Rear View Camera - Waterproof Night Vision HD CCD, 160 Degree

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The Backup Reverse Dynamic Rear View Camera for Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W221 S Class is a high-quality camera designed to enhance your driving experience. This waterproof camera features night vision capabilities and a wide 160-degree view, ensuring clear visibility in any lighting condition.

Manufactured by HaiSunny, this camera is made with durable ABS material and comes with a 6-meter video cable for easy installation. The lens is made of a combination of plastic and glass, providing optimal clarity and durability.

With its dynamic trajectory tracks parking line feature, this camera helps you navigate tight parking spaces with ease. The guiding line feature also ensures accurate parking and maneuvering.

This rear view camera is specifically designed for the Mercedes Benz W204, W212, and W221 models. It is compatible with various models of the S Class, including S600, S550, S500, S450, S430, and S420.

Featuring a high-definition CCD image sensor, this camera delivers crisp and clear images. The 4-layer starlight night vision glass lens enhances visibility in low-light conditions, providing a safer driving experience.

In addition, this camera is waterproof, ensuring its durability and functionality even in harsh weather conditions. It is also equipped with a wired connection for a stable and reliable performance.

With its rear view reversing backup camera function, this product serves as an effective parking assistance tool. It is designed to help you park and reverse your vehicle with ease and confidence.

Upgrade your Mercedes Benz with the Backup Reverse Dynamic Rear View Camera for enhanced safety and convenience. Enjoy clear visibility, accurate parking assistance, and a reliable waterproof design. Whether you're navigating tight parking spaces or reversing your vehicle, this camera will be your trusted companion on the road.

Product Detail

Brand Name HaiSunny
Guiding Line Yes
Material Type Abs
Length of Video Cable 6M
Lens Material Plastic + Glass
Wire or Wireless Wire
Alarm Type Vehicle Backup Cameras
Shell Material Plastic
parking camera dynamic line Support
TV Line 520 line
Parking Assistance Type Rear View Reversing Backup Camera
Function Dynamic Trajectory Tracks Parking Line
car-styling for Special camera
rear view camera HD CCD
Glass lens 4-layer starlight Night vision
Waterproof Yes
Night Vision Yes starlight Night vision
Wide view 160 degree
rear view camera For mercedes benz W204 W212 W221
Parking Reverse camera For Mercedes benzS Class S600 S550 S500 S450 S430 S420
rear view Type Car backup camera dynamic line

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