5 Gallon Drinking Water Bottle Carrier with Easy-to-Carry Handle and Anti-Slip Holder


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5 Gallon Drinking Water Bottle Carrier with Easy-to-Carry Handle and Anti-Slip Holder

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The Water Carry Easily Handle Pail is the perfect solution for transporting and carrying 5-gallon drinking water bottles with ease. Designed with convenience in mind, this bottle handle carrier is equipped with an anti-slip holder to ensure a firm grip and prevent any accidental slips or spills.

Manufactured by MRbrew, a trusted brand known for its quality products, this drinking water bottle handle is made of durable plastic material, specifically melamine. This ensures the longevity and durability of the product, making it suitable for everyday use.

As a water handle pail, this product is certified by CIQ, ensuring that it meets the necessary quality and safety standards. With its easy-to-use design, anyone can quickly transport and carry 5-gallon water bottles without straining their hands or risking any accidents.

Featuring a sleek black color, this water bottle handle is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It is a versatile accessory that complements any home or office environment, making it a practical addition to your water storage routine.

With a model number of "Drinking Water Bottle Handle," finding the right product has never been easier. This water carry easily handle pail is also currently in stock, meaning you can start enjoying its benefits without any delay.

When it comes to quality, the Water Carry Easily Handle Pail does not disappoint. With its good quality construction and materials, you can trust that this product will withstand regular use and provide you with a reliable solution for transporting your 5-gallon drinking water bottles.

Additionally, this water bottle handle has a lead time of 48 hours, ensuring prompt delivery to your doorstep. Don't wait any longer to make transporting and carrying 5-gallon water bottles effortless and convenient. Order your Water Carry Easily Handle Pail now and experience the ease it brings to your daily routine.

Product Detail

Brand Name MRbrew
Type Drinking Water Bottle Handle
Material Plastic
Plastic Type Melamine
Bar Accessories Type Water Handle Pail
Certification CIQ
Feature Bottle Carrier with Anti-Slip Holder
Quantity 1
Model Number Drinking Water Bottle Handle
Color black
Status in stock
Quality good
Model 5 Gallon Drinking Water Bottle Handle
Leadtime 48hours

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