400W Frequency Converter with RS485 Three-phase Motor Driver and MCU T13-400W-12-H | Single Phase Input 0.75KW


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400W Frequency Converter with RS485 Three-phase Motor Driver and MCU T13-400W-12-H | Single Phase Input 0.75KW

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The 400W Frequency Converter is a versatile and high-performance motor driver that is perfect for industrial applications. It features an RS485 interface and a three-phase motor driver MCU, making it ideal for controlling motors with ease.

This frequency converter is designed with a single phase input and a power output of 0.75KW, providing a reliable and efficient power source for your motor. It is equipped with a powerful 400W motor driver that ensures smooth and precise motor control.

The T13-400W-12-H model is manufactured by NoEnName_Null, a trusted brand known for its quality electronic products. With its compact size of 60*100*125mm, this frequency converter is easy to install and conveniently fits in any industrial setup.

This DC/DC converter has a wide output frequency range of 1.0-99.0Hz, allowing for versatile motor speed control. It features a triple output type, enabling seamless operation of multiple motors simultaneously.

The 400W Frequency Converter is customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements. It is lightweight, weighing just 0.5KG, which makes it portable and easy to move around as needed.

With its high output power of 500-1000W, this frequency converter can handle demanding motor applications with ease. It is designed to deliver reliable performance and is suitable for various industrial environments.

In summary, the 400W Frequency Converter is a powerful and efficient motor driver that offers precise control and versatile functionality. Its compact size, customizable options, and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for industrial motor control applications.

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Type: DC/DC Converters

Certification: None

Origin: CN(Origin)

Size: 60*100*125

Model Number: T13-400W-12-H

Output Frequency: 1.0-99.0HZ

Output Type: Triple

Output Power: 500 - 1000W

Weight: 0.5KG

Is customized: Yes

Product Detail

Brand Name NoEnName_Null
Type DC/DC Converters
Certification None
Origin CN(Origin)
Size 60*100*125
Model Number T13-400W-12-H
Output Frequency 1.0-99.0HZ
Output Type Triple
Output Power 500 - 1000W
Weight 0.5KG
is customized Yes

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